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What is Team Architecture?

Every time you make a new hire, you have a new team. Isn’t that the truth?

When I was in the 6th grade, I had an assignment to build a bridge out of nothing other than toothpicks and glue. It looked something like this…

Essentially made out of toothpicks or popsicle sticks and glue, the design and the strength had to be just right. Ultimately, a brick would be placed on top to create stress to the fixture, and in that moment, your success or failure would be determined for the grade. As Talent Architects, this is the perfect illustration of what we refer to as Team Architecture.

In every organization where there are teams, each person, with their strengths, skills, experience, motivations, drives and behaviors, impact the people they work with. Stressors or challenges are inevitable, and the way we design our teams determines our ability to stand up under the pressure in a sustainable way.

At Palladian West, we like to think about this from a 360-degree perspective. Utilizing both science and art, we partner with our clients by taking their business strategies and marrying them with carefully selected and talented team members. The power of science comes from the Predictive Index psychometric tools we use to establish a baseline for what each job requires. Then we artfully look at the team and project the powerful impact a new person would add to that team, and in essence, how they would create a brand new team.

If you go back to the popsicle stick bridge, each stick needed to have a certain strength, and it needed to be paired with other sticks at just the right angle to create the strength and beauty of the bridge. This requires a special kind of patience, dedication, attention to detail, and intentionality. It’s even more important when we’re talking about people.

Let us partner with you to apply our principles of Team Architecture to your organization.

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