Susan Kooima

Talent Sourcer

Susan joined Palladian West in 2021 after nearly 15 years as a fundraiser and grant writer at Bethany Christian Services. Much of Susan’s work involved researching potential donors and foundations to match their giving interests with Bethany programs. That joy of “finding the best fit” is what drew Susan to talent sourcing, and the fun of learning about what people do is the thing she loves most about the career.

Susan graduated from both Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary with degrees in education. A teacher at heart, Susan enjoys finding ways to train and help others no matter what her job title.


Altruists get their sense of satisfaction from being supportive. They seek harmony and are usually the first to offer a helping hand to a colleague in need. It’s usually helpful because Altruists are detail-oriented and precise in their work, and their follow-up is strong.

Susan lives with her husband, Tim, and their four children–Anna, Rebecca, Leah, and Nathaniel–in Grandville, Michigan. She and her family love traveling  (even if it means many long hours in the car) and watching movies. In her spare time, Susan can be found reading a book while drinking a Starbucks cafè mocha.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“Susan has a knack for personalizing her sourcing and seeing the person behind the profile. She’s also a diligent communicator.”

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