Sasha Gale

Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect

Rooted in a desire to make an impact through strategic and thoughtful team design, Sasha joined Palladian West in 2018 and entered the field of talent acquisition—and she hasn’t looked back. With an undergraduate degree in education and a graduate degree in nonprofit leadership (coming in 2020!), Sasha brings a unique perspective to the field of recruiting. She’s driven by her focus on ethics in hiring; her passion for diversity, equity, inclusion and representation; and her understanding of talent acquisition and its relationship to teams, culture and people development. Sasha offers clients authenticity, sincerity, a commitment to quality, and a listening ear that translates into fully understanding client needs for the role and their organization.

Sasha is an ADAPTER—a bridge-builder, an “ambivert,” and a cross-functional specialist. On a team where many have more demonstrative personality drives, Sasha’s moderate drives bring balance. Adapters like Sasha are situationally geared, meaning she is comfortable working collaboratively or independently, socially or analytically—whatever the situation calls for.