Meredith Maczka

Operations Manager

From finance to sales to small business owner to executive recruiter. Meredith’s path to Palladian West was not a traditional one. No matter the role, her success has been founded on her ability to cultivate meaningful relationships. The connection with her colleagues, clients, and customers is exactly where she has placed value throughout her career, and is where she finds the most fulfillment. Adding candidates to that growing list of people is exactly why she loves her job. As a former corporate cubicle dweller, she is thankful to have found a home where collaboration and creativity collide and where an initial interaction can develop into a seen, heard, known, and appreciated friendship. And maybe even a new and exciting career path for a former stranger who answered a call from a random 616 area code. 


Persuaders are leaders and motivators within their organizations. Socially poised and extraverted, they love to make their mark, and won’t shy away from risk. Persuaders will rally the team around projects—confidently making decisions and delegating tasks before they move on to their next project.

As a mother to four boys, Meredith has not only developed thick skin, but an immunity to loud noises and pungent odors. She met her husband at Purdue University, and like all true and good Boilermakers, they bleed Black + Gold. Meredith can regularly be found walking her Bernedoodle Rowdy (yes, another boy) while listening to true crime podcasts, in her minivan chauffeuring her boys to and from school/practice, or roaming the physical and virtual aisles of all major retailers. She has an affinity for laughing, Bravo TV, live music, antiquing, a clean kitchen sink, routines of any kind, big ideas, sleeping in complete darkness, golf, pickleball, and dessert after every meal.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“Meredith’s passion for executive search is a huge asset. She is equally passionate about helping candidates discover their next path and delivering top-quality talent to our clients.”

Before you go...

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