Mary DeYoung

Predictive Index Engagement Manager

Though it may not look like it from first glance, the fact is that all of Mary’s professional experiences have, in one way or another, been focused on cultivating the abilities and spaces for people to be their best selves and achieve their desired impact. From counseling minor sex trafficking victims, to leading community initiatives, to working in tech, and ultimately starting her own business. At the core each role’s goal was to understand people and work with them to be their best selves and achieve what they initially didn’t think was possible. Mary has designed experiences and programs for individuals and full companies that have blended personal development with cultural change. She joined the Palladian West team in 2022 excited to continue supporting individuals and teams to bring their best selves to work!


Persuaders are leaders and motivators within their organizations. Socially poised and extraverted, they love to make their mark, and won’t shy away from risk. Persuaders will rally the team around projects—confidently making decisions and delegating tasks before they move on to their next project.

Mary is passionate about community. She has been involved in community organizations such as AYA Youth Collective as a mentor with her husband Adam, a board member of ICCF Community Homes, and a member of Leadership GR 2022-2023 cohort. She and Adam have a young son, Judah, and two active dogs (Dixie and Zuko, named after Prince Zuko in Avatar the Last Airbender). She loves to ride horses, do triathlons, and hike whenever possible. She loves a good baked good and visits the local bakery often. When her young son will allow, you can find her on the couch with her dogs, a candle, and the newest Louise Penney book.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“Mary is an excellent facilitator and problem-solver for organizations. Using assessment and psychometrics, she has an outstanding track record of helping business leaders with their people strategy. Palladian West couldn’t be more delighted to add Mary to their team of consultants — she is now known as the “PI Guru” and works with our clients to build better teams in their respective workplaces.”

Before you go...

The team at Palladian West wants to invite you to complete a complementary Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. This way you will see one of the several tools we use to help businesses like yours. It’s free, will take about seven minutes, and will give you a highly reliable view of your best professional traits, workplace perspectives, and leadership qualities.

“Let’s explore what drives you!”