Krista Yetzke

Talent Sourcer

Krista joined Palladian West in 2010 and continues to enjoy the challenge of finding that perfect candidate. Whether using a new resource or new approach, she seeks out ways to tackle her searches with creativity. She’s an individualist, after all. She also loves to learn, which makes the addition of each new client and position a welcomed opportunity to expand her skillset.

Prior to finding her fit in recruiting, Krista explored other industries, experiences she now draws upon for her searches.


Individualists march to the beat of their own drum and are always up for a challenge. They’re confident, analytical, and persistent—strong-minded people who quickly turn ideas into reality. Hungry to solve problems and move forward, they dislike being bogged down with the details.

When not hunting for candidates, Krista can be found fishing…for fish–preferably wading in rivers with her family. When flying solo, she seeks to live like Ruth, write like Sue Grafton, play guitar like Jewel and grow lavender like someone who grows lavender.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“For years, Krista has been a constant, consistent figure at Palladian West. She is a leader — and could teach courses on sourcing tactics and trends. Few sourcing professionals have the ability to retain sourcing expertise across industries, while quickly adapting to and being a student of new industries.”

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