Emily Lundquist

Office Manager

Emily earned her degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University and went on to join an Interpreter Training Program for American Sign Language after graduating.  She has used her captivation with human behavior to administratively support others in a variety of professional fields, with a cross-section of creativity and detail management as her sweet spot.  Emily joined the Palladian West team in April of 2021.  She loves cultivating an organized and efficient workplace in which all the members of her team can thrive. Emily appreciates the opportunity to provide individualized support to such an incredible team and systematize processes for them.  She can’t stop, won’t stop, creating checklists and keeping all the details in line.  


An Artisan is thoughtful, deliberate, and precise, with an eye for managing detail-work and always following through. They’re collaborative, but they’ll also work quietly and diligently on their own. They’re not self-promoters but like recognition for their efforts.

Emily enjoys hiking, cooking/baking, reading, embroidery, gardening, rock climbing, and traveling – all with her husband Ben.  They also love serving as premarital mentors through their church and spending time at the beach as a family.  Emily & Ben have one sweet daughter and lots of plants, all of whom are named.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“Emily is crafty, creative, and incredibly thoughtful. With Emily, no detail goes unnoticed, no person goes unappreciated.”

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