Chaz Amidon

VP of Executive Search & Team Architecture

Chaz joined Palladian West in 2018, bringing a background in HR, recruiting, and leadership. As VP of Executive Search + Team Architecture, Chaz leads the Palladian West recruiting team, provides search strategies for our clients, and consults with clients to best use and implement The Predictive Index. 

Prior to coming to Palladian West, Chaz worked in HR leadership roles for Praxis and Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids. He started his career in recruiting with The Habitat Company in Chicago. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Calvin College and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago.

Chaz is motivated by solving complex talent challenges for our clients. Whether it is recruiting for hard-to-find talent or helping a client improve their dynamics, he loves finding the “missing ingredients” so teams can work better together. This includes helping our team of recruiters at Palladian West to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In addition to speaking “PI” language everywhere he goes, Chaz is a certified Predictive Index trainer and Talent Optimization consultant.


Persuaders are leaders and motivators within their organizations. Socially poised and extraverted, they love to make their mark, and won’t shy away from risk. Persuaders will rally the team around projects—confidently making decisions and delegating tasks before they move on to their next project.

Chaz lives with his wife, Allie, and their three children–Cooper, Isla and Evy–in Byron Center, MI. He is an avid fan of Detroit sports and Michigan State. In his personal time, he enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with his kids. 

For the past five years, Chaz has been the Board President at Safe Haven in Grand Rapids.

Kudos from the Palladian West Team

“Chaz is the Allstate of Palladian West – you’re in good hands with Chaz. He is a perpetual student, studying his clients, their positions, and the market–an invaluable resource.”

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