Angela Nixon

Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect

From mental health to finance to team architecture, the common thread in Angela’s career is that she loves to see and assist others on their path to thriving. Angela spent several years working in mental health care before transitioning into the world of data analysis and financial software. While in the finance industry, Angela successfully blended her love of creating systems with her background in Psychology to build, manage, and retain a high performing and cohesive team spanning over 10 years.  Once again relying on her innate understanding of people and ready to focus her career on recruitment, Angela joined the incomparable Palladian West team in March 2023. 

Angela graduated from Anderson University with a double major in Psychology and Family Science and a minor in Dance Performance. She completed her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.


Persuaders are leaders and motivators within their organizations. Socially poised and extraverted, they love to make their mark, and won’t shy away from risk. Persuaders will rally the team around projects—confidently making decisions and delegating tasks before they move on to their next project.

Angela is always up for a deep conversation about life and will probably ask you if you’ve ever heard about the Enneagram. (She is a 4w3, by the way.) Some of her other joys include practicing Reiki, running long-distances, throwing impromptu dance parties, and watching any talent competition on TV with her 3 daughters.

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