Team Architecture

Harness the power of data to predict cultural fit.

By harnessing the power of a data-driven process, The Predictive Index helps our clients understand how an employee will fit within their company’s unique culture and team structure. How? We partner with you to design your team utilizing The Predictive Index analysis. Then, we combine a prescriptive training process to help build a fully functional, profitable organization.

Services Offered

1:1 Teams Discovery Session

This is a 90 minute, 1:1 session with our Talent Architect and your Team leader to introduce the individual and teamwork styles and recommend the next steps for productivity.

Employee Engagement Survey and Consulting

Engage your culture and make data-informed decisions to increase your organization’s effectiveness and employee culture and engagement.

Workshops for Teams

Part A – Discovering your Team Type- (2  hours) Uncover your team’s collective working style, strengths and blind spots, and leave with a clear action plan to better work in harmony. 

Part B – Designing for Strategic Action- (2 hours) Now that you know what type of team you are, learn to stretch your skills sets and align with your business strategies.

Onboarding Coaching and Tools

Make the most of the first 90 days of your employee’s time with you.  Options to include assessments and reports from Predictive Index as well.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

“Great teams begin with great leaders.”

We provide individual leadership coaching to help managers understand themselves, their teams, and how their leadership style will need to adjust in the future as they build and develop their teams.

How does Team Architecture work for you?

In addition to our Human Resources and Recruiting expertise, we utilize the total package… provided by The Predictive Index to create an aggregate 360˚  picture of how your team will work together.  Using tools such as a Behavior Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, and Job Assessment,  which we then lay over your corporate culture and job functions to create a roadmap to a more productive, cohesive team. 

Ever asked yourself, “Why aren’t we rowing in the same direction? How do we make all these unique people work together as we add a new team member?” We hear that a lot! Adding a team member is an amazing opportunity to change your company, and adding the right team member can make all the difference in profitability, productivity, and culture.  Everyone wants to be a part of a dream team!

Architect Your Team

We work relentlessly for you to get the best people for your business and will begin right away, helping you architect your team.

Before you go...

The team at Palladian West wants to invite you to complete a complementary Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. This way you will see one of the several tools we use to help businesses like yours. It’s free, will take about seven minutes, and will give you a highly reliable view of your best professional traits, workplace perspectives, and leadership qualities.

“Let’s explore what drives you!”