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Use the power of talent optimization to design great teams and lead them through anything.

Our clients need data and analytics which help harness the science of relationships and lead to long-term strength, and PI serves as one of the greatest building blocks in our team architecture design. Our candidate experience is also enhanced by utilizing PI, as the assessments are brief and more revealing than other models. These assessments capitalize on the fact that “no one describes you better than you.”

Palladian West has gone through extensive training to become certified PI partners who are able to train others to do the same because we believe in the results PI delivers.


History and Science

Get access to insights on your workforce driven by 60 years of behavioral science. PI blends psychometrics and technology to provide you with tools that help: 

  • Align your executive team on your business strategy. 
  • Design a talent strategy that enables people to execute company goals. 
  • Create behavioral and cognitive job targets for open roles to find the right fit. 
  • Understand candidates’ behavioral wiring and cognitive ability to see how they’ll perform on the job.
  • People managers build self awareness and understand what drives their direct reports. 
  • Diagnose the employee experience and provide specific actions to improve it.

PI's assessments give you the people data you need to build great teams, align them to your strategy, and achieve your goals.

Job Assessment

According to research, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months. There’s a better way to evaluate candidates—one that’s built on proven science and focuses not solely on tasks and skills but on the behavioral traits and cognitive abilities that will ensure a candidate will succeed in your new role.

Cognitive Assessment

This assessment measures a person’s general mental ability and capacity for critical thinking. In just 12 minutes you’ll have more information about someone’s likelihood of success and job performance than you would after a one-hour interview or standard aptitude test.

Behavioral Assessment

Understand the personality traits that make their employees and candidates tick, and hire candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit, to design teams that perform like magic, and to manage employees in a way that pushes them to perform at the top of their game.

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Impact for you, the client, and your candidates.

Want to know why Predictive Index is a global leader in talent strategy and optimization.

  • PI’s assessments focus on behaviors that matter most for on-the-job performance. In just six minutes, you’ll get impactful data, fast. 
  • PI’s assessments are some of the fastest on the market and don’t compromise accuracy of your results.
  • Refined over 60 years by scientists
  • PI has all the science, without the complexity. Understand your results immediately and know how to act on them.
  • Free-choice format rather than forced-choice assessment that captures the nuances of strategy and personality.
  • Highly accurate and user-friendly.
  • Validated for hiring.
  • PI’s entire platform has been designed for a global workforce. The assessments do not discriminate between protected classes, are culturally neutral, and are available in 70+ languages.

Analytics, Dashboards, Testing

PI is the best talent optimization software available.

Through their Behavioral Assessment, Cognitive Assessment, and Job Assessment, PI brings data-based, comprehensive understanding to designing strong teams. By revealing and utilizing data about potential employee engagement and team dynamics, PI provides assurance that chosen candidates will help build high performance teams and a high performance culture.

Architect Your Team

We work relentlessly for you to get the best people for your business and will begin right away, helping you architect your team.

Before you go...

The team at Palladian West wants to invite you to complete a complementary Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. This way you will see one of the several tools we use to help businesses like yours. It’s free, will take about seven minutes, and will give you a highly reliable view of your best professional traits, workplace perspectives, and leadership qualities.

“Let’s explore what drives you!”