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On behalf of our client, LightArt, we are leading a search for a Regional Sales Manager who is responsible for driving sales and developing long term relationships with the lighting agencies in the territory. The role will include 75% travel to visit the LightArt agencies where they will do sales promotional activities, train, and develop deep relationships. The LightArt Regional Sales Manager will oversee and direct the performance of the sales agencies and manage, develop, guide, coach, and inspire the agencies to meet their sales goals. 

This role includes providing weekly, monthly, and quarterly forecasts, presenting quarterly business reviews, resolving conflicts, and providing solutions to customers in a timely manner. The LightArt culture is very collaborative and therefore the manager will be required to work  closely with co-workers and in cross-functional teams. The Regional Sales Manager will be required to identify opportunities for improvements and provide solutions to solve those needs.

Essential Duties + Responsibilities

The LightArt Regional Sales Manager will need to have an expert knowledge of LightArt’s  products and services as well as an expert understanding of our clients’ workflows and needs. They will be able to present to both large groups and individuals and will design and create sales presentations using keynote. They will also need to have a basic understanding of excel as well as a deep knowledge of the company’s CRM system. They must possess excellent planning, organization, and problem-solving skills. A LightArt Regional Sales Manager reports to the VP of Sales, 3Form and LightArt, and is responsible for achieving a  sales target determined by management.

  • Provide quarterly sales forecasts. 
  • Monitor agency activity to ensure they meet their sales goals. 
  • Attend the annual LightArt Sales Conference. 
  • Capable to lift 35 lbs in and out of car or other transportation.
  • Capable of carrying and walking with 35 lbs including walking up and down stairs.

Qualifications + Requirements

We are searching for a consummate professional with a lighting background, who has experience and demonstrated sales results with a track record of selling to architects, lighting designers, and agencies. This person will need 10+ years of proven work experience, hands on experience in sales, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of  education and experience, understanding of performance metrics, and excellent communication and negotiation skills. 

Sales tools include but are not limited to: 

  • Laptop, iPad, SmartPhone. 
  • Individual samples, sample boxes, print collateral, and larger sample displays.
  • The company will reimburse all business-related expenses within a pre-established budget.

About the Organization

Rooted in handmade design, the LightArt studio creates one-of-a-kind chandeliers, sculptural installations, as well as standardized pendants, drums, sconces, and linear fixtures. Based in Seattle and manufactured in Salt Lake City, LightArt makes lighting like you’ve never seen before. LightArt is part of the 3Form family of companies. 3Form is the  industry leader in architectural resins and crafts sophisticated, handcrafted, translucent  materials that harness form, texture, light, and color.

If this seems like an excellent fit for you, please send a cover letter and resume to Kirsten Herich at

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