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Grand Rapids, MI

The PI Engagement Manager, a new role at Palladian West, is designed to guide the continued growth of the firm’s Predictive Index ® division. 

As a Select Partner with Predictive Index (PI), Palladian West is a go-to resource for organizations looking to deploy PI’s full suite of Talent Optimization assessments and improve their business results. 

The Engagement Manager will take ownership of Palladian West’s core service offerings in these areas: client relations, training, consulting, and implementations. This role will also be key in driving marketing and business development efforts. Moreover, they will be known as the firm’s “PI guru” and will play an active part in crafting—and executing—on Palladian West’s long-term PI strategy.

Essential Duties + Responsibilities

  • Account Management. Conduct Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with assigned PI clients, identifying opportunities to train, consult, and assist in clients’ talent management initiatives. Serve as a “hot line” resource to field questions and assist clients.
  • Consulting. Engage in fee-for-service consulting projects aimed at tackling specific client needs, such as:
    • Designing hiring processes using PI assessments. 
    • Working with executive leaders through Team Discovery workshops.
    • Creating managerial development programs. 
    • Providing succession planning. 
  • Training. Facilitate standard PI trainings, including Drive Results with Talent 2-day sessions, and custom workshops. 
  • Client Onboarding. Walk side by side with new clients, sharing roadmaps for introducing PI to their organizations. Provide hands-on assistance and support during the client’s first 90-180 days.
  • Communications & Marketing. Manage Palladian West’s client and public communications strategies. Create and manage newsletters and all social media marketing. Write and produce thought leadership content.
  • Business Development. Set quarterly sales metrics goals related to new client acquisition. Participate in and present to relevant networking groups. Create industry-specific growth plans. Manage firm’s pipeline of prospective clients.
  • Resident Expert. Develop deep expertise in PI science, from attending ongoing trainings to earning certifications in the craft. Attend and be in tune with all updates and new content produced by PI Headquarters. Perform daily readbacks for current and prospective clients.
  • Software Management. Update and own activities for the firm’s CRM (Salesforce), including but not limited to: dashboard reports, contracts and renewals, updating client information, entering trainings, ordering materials, and more. 
  • Additional internal duties, such as creating new processes and best practices for the PI division.

Qualifications + Requirements

  • 5 years (+) in one of the following fields: talent management or leadership consulting, human resources leadership, organizational development, or B2B sales backgrounds that have involved a consultative sale with small- to medium-sized organizations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required.
  • Previous experience using behavioral or personality assessments is preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in guiding business and HR leaders through talent management initiatives.
  • Superior presentation and communication skills, both written and verbal. 
  • Ability to proactively manage accounts (20+) while staying organized.
  • Proven experience or ability to conduct business development and marketing activities. 
  • People leadership experience is strongly preferred. (This role does not have direct reports, but having supervisory credentials is key to consulting with other leaders.)


This is a full-time, salaried position that will include a performance-based bonus. Palladian West provides excellent benefits, including retirement. Preferred candidates will be based out of the Greater Grand Rapids area, where Palladian West is located.

About The Predictive Index ®

As one of the pioneers of psychometric testing, PI’s origins trace back to the 1940s. Fast-forward to today, and PI is the leader in Talent Optimization—a newly coined discipline that ensures a business leader’s path to results is linked with talent strategy and people data. PI is comprised of three distinct assessments: the Behavioral Assessment (BA), Job Assessment (JA), and Cognitive Assessment (CA). Together, these three assessments help leaders drive four key Talent Optimization activities: Hire, Inspire, Diagnose and Design. PI is one of the most validated assessments in the market and has been field-tested in every major industry.

If this sounds like an excellent fit for you, please contact Angela Burke at aburke@palladianwest.com or Chaz Amidon at camidon@palladianwest.com.

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