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On behalf of our client, Beddy’s, we are seeking a Director of Marketing to oversee promotion and advertising efforts to drive sales and build brand awareness. A qualified candidate will be highly analytical and have a creative side with the expectation to lead growth and constantly stay ahead of industry trends and customer acquisition/retention. Responsibilities will include developing overall marketing strategy (including Social Media), measuring the return on investment of various advertising methods, creating and maintaining strategic influencer partnerships, overseeing outreach programs, website functionality, and overall site experience. If you are excited to work in a fast-paced, high-growth environment, we’d love to speak with you. 

Scope Of Role

  • Understand the ins and outs of marketing, including strategy creation, analysis, and campaign execution
  • Develop and execute highly effective marketing campaigns that attract new customers, keeps existing, and drives sales
  • Identify and target ideal customers
  • Create and maintain a company-wide marketing budget
  • Analyze sales in comparison to marketing budget to find the profit margin and ROI for different strategies
  • Responsible for all marketing platforms, programs, services, and their success
  • Leverage strategic influencer partnerships to expand the growth of the brand and sales.
  • Research marketing trends to stay current with services and experiences
  • Responsible for website functionality and overall buying experience
  • Find and maintain philanthropic opportunities and partnerships
  • Staff management


  • Five years minimum marketing experience with Social Media marketing experience as a must
  • Two years minimum management experience required
  • Proven ability to create marketing strategies that attracts new customers, keeps current customers, and drives sales
  • Experience with ecommerce, SEO, SMS, email and social media marketing platforms and marketing tactics
  • Ability to recognize marketing trends and stay ahead of them
  • Experience analyzing marketing campaigns to determine success, and reporting results to management team
  • Analyze sales numbers in comparison to the marketing budget to find profit margin and determine which campaigns are most effective
  • Ability to lead groups and be decisive
  • Willingness to try unconventional marketing methods
  • Effective team player with strong interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative attitude with a willingness to accept and incorporate new ideas
  • Flexibility to change direction as needed
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Excel

If this sounds like an excellent fit for you, please send your resume to Meredith Maczka at

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