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As your consultative partner, your success is our success, and we exist to see your company’s potential realized. We are here to listen, ask the questions you may not think of, and to give you advice to guide you in the right direction.

Our Culture

Achieving long-term success for your organization requires an intuitive partner, driven by excellence.

That’s where you’ll see Palladian West quickly rise to the top. We are fully invested as your partner in success. We help organizations build and strengthen their company by coming onboard as team architects—recruiting and placing individuals in key positions using relationships as the foundation. We pair our thorough research process with intentionality in order to find the best possible talent. Through our genuine curiosity of the organization, the position, and each candidate, we are uniquely able to come alongside companies in the transformational journey of designing strong, well-built teams.

Our name is based on the great architect Andrea Palladio, whose architectural work is revered for its balance, harmony, and strength, and whose philosophies mirror our own. We are motivated by the belief that, like great architecture, companies achieve their highest potential through synergy and strength—when employees blend and build together insightfully and inspirationally.

Our logo is a double-stacked structure that nods to strength in architecture. It is a powerful reminder of the Palladian West mission and represents how we build teams and strengthen organizations through well-designed processes and structures, integrated and intuitive teams, strong partnerships, and balance.

Our History

With a vision of cultivating relationships and forging clear paths to employment success, Shelley Crooks founded Palladian West in 2011. It was her passion for connection that fueled Palladian West forward in coupling great people with great companies.

Through her years of experience, Shelley realized it’s not just companies that need the right talent; talented people need help finding the right fit. Her desire to help illuminate the path forward and help companies and individuals navigate their professional journeys was woven into the fabric of Palladian West.

In 2019, Palladian West restructured, and through a careful, thoughtful acquisition, the company was passed to Angela Burke. The heart of Palladian West remains consistent—dedication to a strategic, integrative approach by helping our clients and candidates through vested relationships.

Meet The Team

With over 50 years combined experience, our team at Palladian West offers depth of experience and has professional relationships all across North America. When we say “relationships,” we mean crafted, built-from-the-ground-up networks in which we have placed our time and personal attention. Our relationships flourish because we are invested in our clients’ success, which we believe is a direct result of their organizational foundation and team architecture.

Angela Burke

President + Chief Talent Architect

Recruiting and team building have been part of Angela’s life since the 2nd grade, when she was convinced her parents were going to purchase a restaurant and held interviews for her entire class to be employees. Ever since, she’s worked to recruit and build teams in both nonprofit and for-profit companies and organizations she believes in…

Chaz Amidon

Lead Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect

Krista Yetzke

Director Of Talent Sourcing

Lesley Hassenrik

Talent Sourcer

Kait Mosbauer

Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect

Carly Smyly

Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect

Sasha Gale

Executive Recruiter + Talent Architect


Honestly, we don’t love to brag about ourselves, but there is really nothing more rewarding or meaningful than hearing from clients who are thrilled with the talented new people we helped add to their team, or the candidate joined a team or organization that has changed their life! Here are just a few…

Architect Your Team

We work relentlessly for you to get the best people for your business and will begin right away, helping you architect your team.