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Every time you make a new hire, there are risks. Let us help you avoid the big ones.

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve experienced all that can go wrong when recruiting great talent: the resumes you’re getting are just ho-hum, or the great candidates get cold feet at the last minute, accept counter offers and you end up back where you started having lost valuable time – and business impact. Our team will limit those hiring risks for you with our thorough and transparent process, leaving you confident that you’ve turned over every stone and are making a great hire.

What We Do

The Difference & The Impact

We work diligently to recruit candidates who are serious about your company and your positions. To ensure your needs are met, we scour the available market for the best possible alignment and present you with highly qualified, personally interviewed and thoroughly vetted candidates. With our help, you’ll save time and money—and still get the best candidates for your company.

Have you ever spent months finding the “perfect person,” only to have them leave a year later or end up not being a good fit? We get it. When you partner with us, finding talented candidates becomes the norm, not the exception. We use the ultimate talent optimization tools to strategically find and place the best candidate for the long haul, ensuring your team reaches its highest potential.

Have you struggled to build a cohesive team when you add new people? We hear that a lot! Adding the right team member is hard work—but it can make all the difference in profitability, productivity, and culture. That’s why we use cutting-edge tools to build an aggregate 360˚ picture of how your team will work together, ultimately creating a road map to successful, productive teamwork.

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At Palladian West we love to listen, understand your challenges and ask questions to help clarify your needs. Give us your information and we will get back to you and get to work right away.

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The team at Palladian West wants to invite you to complete a complementary Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. This way you will see one of the several tools we use to help businesses like yours. It’s free, will take about seven minutes, and will give you a highly reliable view of your best professional traits, workplace perspectives, and leadership qualities.

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